Assisted Attribution Lift: The Metric That’s Redefining Marketing Success

When it comes to digital marketing in today’s privacy-first media landscape, the ability to efficiently gather and track campaign data has quickly become one of the biggest competitive advantages available. Teams that can accurately measure and quantify touchpoints throughout the customer journey will know more about their customers’ behavior. With that said, successful marketing attribution […]

You’ve Been Managing Your Budgets Wrong This Whole Time

When measuring the performance of a marketing campaign, relying solely on a consumer’s last click as a metric can be quite misleading. Now more than ever, users may interact with multiple channels before converting. By only using a last-click model, a marketer or business leader is missing out on valuable insights about where their traffic […]

Why Connecting Audience Segmentation & Creative Strategy is Crucial to Campaign Success

It’s no secret that consumers interact with campaigns differently depending on where they are in their journey. Retargeting someone familiar with your brand requires an entirely different approach than engaging with cold traffic. Despite this, many advertisers are using the same creative strategy across their entire campaign. In an industry like digital marketing, where competition […]

Validate Top of Funnel Investments with Expert Precision

Hit Your Bottom Line by Tracking Top of Funnel Most marketing professionals understand the importance of the ‘attention economy’ and realize that not every positive customer interaction can be measured via direct revenue or ROAS. Engaging with your target audience doesn’t need to immediately translate to a direct sale to pay off in the long […]

How to Crack the Code of Omni-Channel Marketing

Retail advertising has changed drastically over the past few years. It’s no longer feasible for organizations to rely solely on brand recognition and performance when creating a marketing strategy. Sustainable success requires omni-channel distribution that provides customers with a seamless end-to-end shopping experience that combines digital offerings and physical products. It doesn’t matter whether you’re […]

How Atrilyx Can Reshape Your Ecommerce Business

In today’s competitive ecommerce landscape, advertising has never been more difficult. Recent changes, including iOS 14 updates that restrict campaign tracking capabilities, have made measuring the success of upper funnel campaigns incredibly challenging. Without proper attribution and accurate single-source data, it’s all but impossible to optimize the path to conversion. We built Atrilyx to provide […]