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Hit Your Bottom Line by Tracking Top of Funnel

Most marketing professionals understand the importance of the ‘attention economy’ and realize that not every positive customer interaction can be measured via direct revenue or ROAS.

Engaging with your target audience doesn’t need to immediately translate to a direct sale to pay off in the long run. Launching an awareness campaign today will result in increased revenue in the future, and, in many cases will be directly attributed to a retargeting campaign down the road. It’s a viable, cost-effective growth strategy, but it can sometimes be difficult to communicate the benefits to senior leadership without the ability to show direct short-term conversions.

With Atrilyx, your awareness campaigns will prove it assisted conversions happening in your performance campaigns.

CEOs, boards, leadership teams, and inhouse media teams typically want immediate results that can be directly attributed to specific campaigns or tactics. Conversion rate, ROI, CPA, and ROAS are straightforward, easy to understand, and easy to validate, but the assisted performance is also crucial to understand the true path to conversion, and the tactics along the way leading to action.

With awareness campaigns – it’s difficult to track performance and justify the investment using traditional metrics alone. To properly highlight top-of-funnel campaign performance, you need access to more sophisticated marketing data.

Need to validate the success of an awareness campaign? Start by taking a deep dive into the data
Outside of marketing, one analogy we like to use is the rise of sabermetrics in baseball. Historically, a baseball player’s performance was measured using only a handful of simple statistics, but these only told part of the story. In the 1970s, statisticians developed formulas to quantify more on-field interactions and provide objective evidence of a player’s true value. This new way of collecting and interpreting data identified players with useful skills that did not show up on the conventional stat sheet. Today advanced stats are used across the sport, but widespread adoption took years. In media terms – looking at direct conversions alone is like a baseball statistician only focusing on runs driven in by a player but ignoring how many times the player got on base. When you look at direct and assisted performance together, you’re able to get the full picture of your advertising success.

Turn quantitative analysis into a competitive advantage
Like MLB and baseball scouting managers twenty years ago, some CEOs and other c-suite executives can be resistant to ideas that contradict the established status quo.

There’s no question that sophisticated marketing data can provide additional context to your campaigns – the issue is that this can be difficult to prove in one digestible format.

Atrilyx can help with that.

Using a universal pixel, this powerful attribution software integrates seamlessly with popular marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, Trade Desk, Google, and many more to track the end-to-end customer journey and attribute all touchpoints along the way. In the process of doing this, Atrilyx collects a wide variety of complex data and compiles it into one centralized dashboard. In addition to optimizing the path to conversion, this attribution and assisted lift data can also be used to validate holistic by highlighting the most effective touchpoints throughout the conversion/sales funnel. This enables you to create reports that use hard data to explicitly show your stakeholders how awareness translates to revenue.

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