Assisted Attribution Lift: The Metric That’s Redefining Marketing Success

When it comes to digital marketing in today’s privacy-first media landscape, the ability to efficiently gather and track campaign data has quickly become one of the biggest competitive advantages available. Teams that can accurately measure and quantify touchpoints throughout the customer journey will know more about their customers’ behavior.

With that said, successful marketing attribution is not created in a vacuum. Capturing the data you need to fully optimize your customer’s path to conversion requires a single source of truth that incorporates key metrics like assisted lift.

What is assisted lift and why is it important for marketing attribution?
Assisted lift tracks the impact specific channels, networks, and tactics have on direct conversions and revenue increases within a multi-touch attribution model – it is the delta between Assisted and Direct conversions. A network or channel with high assisted lift has had a significant impact on the overall customer journey.

This gives you a better understanding of attribution data touchpoints and a clear competitive advantage over advertisers who are not holistically tracking their campaigns. It is also useful for navigating the restrictive iOS 14 updates and other situations where data tracking capabilities are limited.

No longer, will you have to prove the validity of your media strategies anecdotally, now you can go right to your C-Suite and show them exactly how many conversions were assisted by your upper funnel buys, rather than manually stitching together a narrative.

Turn an improved ability to measure conversion data into sustainable revenue.
Organizations with more data make better decisions. If you’re tracking the path to conversion using conventional metrics, such as the tools built-in to Facebook or Google, you’re going to have an incomplete picture of your conversion rate, ROI, and revenue.

Marketing attribution helps you understand exactly where each conversion is coming from, while assisted lift helps narrow this down even further to understand consumers’ interactions with your campaigns that led to their final action.

Atrilyx’s platform takes this a step further, with an unbiased view that leverages marketing attribution as a core feature rather than a smoke and mirrors selling tool. Instead of looking at revenue and marketing ROI through a siloed lens, you gain a complete, comprehensive look at the entire end-to-end journey.

Assisted attribution aggregates your omnichannel marketing data and gives you an accurate, big picture view of your marketing performance (and ROI)
By combining your data into one source of truth, understanding your consumers’ path to conversion helps you identify which ad networks provide the most value so that you can strategize and budget accordingly. This is useful for tracking past campaign results and managing your budget, but the biggest advantage is yet to come:

Once you know what’s impactful to your customers, it’s easier to optimize and improve the end-to-end customer journey and the conversion path. Accurate assisted lift data takes this advantage to the next level.

Ready to improve your multi-channel attribution with assisted lift?
Atrilyx can help. Our best-in-class multi-touch attribution platform aggregates campaign data into a single source of truth, giving you accurate, actionable insights into your customer’s journey and the impact that assisted lift has on every conversion.

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