The Perfect Harmony: Where Automation Merges with Creativity

In an age of automation through data analytics and marketing metrics, where does your company fall on the curve of personalization? While engagement, user data, and conversions are all keys to company success, content creativity must also be at the forefront of marketing strategy to create a seamless blend of personalization and imagination.  

Finding Personalization in an Age of Automation 

A large portion of discovering customer experiences, behaviors and journeys is through touchpoints.  These various touchpoints in a customer’s journey informs organizations of certain patterns, opportunities and needs as the customers move through the funnel.  Mapping touchpoints is a great example of an automation process that outputs personalization, and these personalized metrics help organizations better understand their customer needs and demographics which can help produce more accurate marketing goals and ads.  However, if the process stops here, that data is not being used to its full potential.  

How does customer data come to fruition and help organizations maximize their earning potential? A  portion of success can be attributed to creative content strategies.  The reality is any business/organization can use keywords/search words to create ads and call them “personalized,” but how can you truly enhance your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?  Answer: Use a team of experts to interpret the data, extract the selling points and create campaign content that feels personalized to customers. But what does feel personalized?

Eliciting Responses through Personalized Content

Customers want to interact with content or ads that are appealing to them so how can organizations obtain that immediate customer reaction to interact with their brand?  First, by finalizing a brand voice and story.  Customers respond to content that elicits emotional responses.  This means that discovering a brand voice by creating relatable values and stories will help boost your customer interaction and USP.  Once your brand voice is discovered, campaigns can be built around voice, promotions, and performance by experts in content marketing and strategy who will infuse your values.

Ready to Blend Automation with Content Personalization?

The blend of content and strategy mixed with automated data allows experts to interpret the touchpoints, carry your brand voice, and establish a connection between your organization and the customer that goes way beyond just products and services.

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