How To Optimize Telecommunications Marketing With Holistic Attribution

Marketing in the telecommunications industry should be relatively easy, from my perspective. The nature of the space, after all, lends itself to a deeper collection of customer data than many others. But there’s a fine line between harnessing this data successfully to create a targeted marketing strategy that works and casting in all directions, hoping one of the nets will come back with a haul. As the founder of a marketing attribution platform, I believe holistic attribution can provide the clarity you need to navigate this line.


Telecoms: A Data Goldmine

Doing business in the telecommunications industry provides you with pieces of data on customers that are not always readily available in other industries. For example, geographical data, which is often something customers need to provide during the telecom sales process, can be extremely helpful in marketing in this space.

With this wealth and variety of data available, it can be easy for telecom marketers to assume their job is done for them, and it’s not uncommon to see poorly strategized marketing plans despite the immense amount of information available. A common reason behind this is a skewed view of the data due to unreliable attribution methods.

Segmenting The Data

A key to using data effectively for telecommunications marketing is ensuring the approach to existing customers is segmented from the way new customers are targeted. Each of these groups requires different incentives in order to complete their customer journey, and a one-size-fits-all approach will be fruitless.

A new customer might not be ready to purchase just yet, while an existing customer might be on the verge of an upgrade or looking to purchase an additional service. Those two journeys are very different and require diverse approaches. For example, you could entice new customers with a 25% discount on their first purchase while rewarding existing customers with an exclusive loyalty program.


At the same time, the data you’ve gathered can be used to create a personalized campaign to target new customers based on what you’ve learned from the funnel progression of your existing customers.

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