The Role Of Data Analytics In Digital Marketing

Creating an effective digital marketing campaign is not about crafting eye-catching ads or enthralling videos. Of course, those play a role, but I have found that the true root of purpose-driven campaigns is far less flashy than photography and soundtracks. To achieve its ultimate marketing goals, I believe a digital marketing campaign must be based […]

Link Tracking Protection: What the iOS 17 Update Means for You and Your Business

Apple is touting their newest iOS 17 technology as a means of “enhancing the things you do every day” through user-friendly updates to existing apps and features. The online preview for iOS 17 teases highly visual enhancements along with intuitive user-experience changes that promise to increase connectivity and ease the overall act of elective information […]

Tips For Building A Successful Digital Marketing Agency

The marketing space has seen some of the highest rates of change and disruption in the last decade. It’s an exciting industry to be in—but that also makes it challenging. Whether you’re on the cusp of opening your first digital marketing agency or you’ve been running your business for a while and have found yourself […]

5 Key Considerations When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

If you’ve ever done the marketing agency shuffle — hopping from agency to agency trying to find one that meets your expectations — then you know how hard it can be to start new campaigns over again. But what if you could go into your next season equipped with the knowledge to select the right digital […]

How To Optimize Telecommunications Marketing With Holistic Attribution

Marketing in the telecommunications industry should be relatively easy, from my perspective. The nature of the space, after all, lends itself to a deeper collection of customer data than many others. But there’s a fine line between harnessing this data successfully to create a targeted marketing strategy that works and casting in all directions, hoping […]

How to Maximize Revenue During Slow Seasons

Brands in any industry can have slow periods. But it’s what they decide to do with that time that matters most. Seasonality affects many industries. While this is simply part of the nature of these markets, it’s vital that these seasons are used correctly to ensure the sustainability of business throughout the year. There are […]

The Underestimated Value of Phone Calls That Marketers Miss

Without valuing phone calls and properly attributing them, you could be missing out on revenue and opportunities. If you associate the sound of a ringing phone solely with Baby Boomer complaints or the occasional after-sales inquiry, you are misvaluing phone calls. This will result in your business, more likely than not, missing out on revenue […]

Leveraging AI for Advertising with Ai Media Group

At Ai Media, part of our job is staying ahead of trends, pulling actionable insights from data, and figuring out the best ways to leverage available technology. So naturally, we’ve been having many conversations about how we can use artificial intelligence to help our clients. Beyond the benefits of AI, it’s equally important to talk […]