Future-Proofing your Business: Strategic Marketing for 2024 and Beyond

By Sergio Alvarez In the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of modern business, the need to future-proof your business has never been more critical. Long-term strategic planning is key to navigating the uncertainties of 2024 and beyond. Business owners, as the driving force behind future-proofing, cannot afford to dismiss the significance of adapting to modern realities. […]

Transforming Home Services Marketing: Innovation In A Traditional Industry

Sergio Alvarez is a performance marketing expert, digital attribution leader and CEO and founder of Ai Media Group. As far as digital marketing is concerned, the home services industry has been a later adopter than most. Considering the personal nature of the products and services sold in this industry, it makes sense that businesses would […]

Atrilyx is Navigating the New Era of Digital Marketing with Precision and Privacy

By: Joel Citron, CIO of AiMedia Group In a digital world where user privacy is paramount, and the landscape of online advertising is rapidly changing, Atrilyx stands at the forefront of innovation. With Google’s recent announcement to eliminate third-party cookies from Chrome, a significant shift in digital marketing strategies is inevitable. However, Atrilyx is uniquely […]

The Important Initiative For Real Digital Marketing Results

The results gleaned from digital marketing will closely align with the quality of data you put into creating a campaign. Future campaigns are built on the results of past campaigns. The ability to attribute where a sale (or other completed goal) has actually emanated from is key to the success of digital marketing. However, attribution […]

Managing work-life balance: Is it possible?

By Sergio Alvarez Work-life balance is a myth—at least, the idea that the balance should always be meted out in the same proportions throughout our lives is unrealistic. I believe the ability to live a perfectly proportioned life in terms of how we spend our time is not a right; it’s a privilege earned through […]

Holi-Data Magic: Unwrapping the Secrets to Success This Holiday & Beyond

Holiday success hinges on a comprehensive understanding of your customer base, actionable insights and targeted objectives. Make a list of ways your business can be effectively marketed and check it twice. Compete for the attention and loyalty of your customers and do it effectively. The concept has much to do with brand engagement/brand loyalty, but […]

The Role Of Data Analytics In Digital Marketing

Creating an effective digital marketing campaign is not about crafting eye-catching ads or enthralling videos. Of course, those play a role, but I have found that the true root of purpose-driven campaigns is far less flashy than photography and soundtracks. To achieve its ultimate marketing goals, I believe a digital marketing campaign must be based […]

How to Maximize ROI Using Media Attribution

BY SERGIO ALVAREZ When the economic picture looks less than rosy, ensuring every dollar you invest gives the highest ROI is vital. Marketing is one area that can be a money pit if you aren’t pulling the right levers, but with the correct strategy, it can be one budget that pays back in dividends. It […]