We’re a growth marketing company, powered by attribution.

red arrow Our attribution technology and team of strategists enable marketers to see which campaigns are really moving the needle. In fact, we help some of the world’s most respected brands achieve double-digit ROI. See how your company can get more customers with less ad spend.

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Your Success = Our Purpose

We’re Ai Media Group, a Blackstone-backed growth marketing company and two-time Google Agency Cup winner created to help companies drive real results. It’s all thanks to our patented attribution platform and amazing team of experts. Whether you’re looking for help managing media, or trying to enhance your current marketing efforts, we can help by tracking what’s truly driving conversions.

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Google Agency Cup Winner

Our Technology Drives Us.

We believe that marketing without results isn’t really marketing.

That’s why our team developed a patented attribution platform with a cross-device Universal ID and Graph Manager to track every touchpoint in the customer journey.

This technology we’ve been using for over a decade is now being offered to the public, along with our dashboard and expert strategists to uncover unbiased insights into the channels and phone calls that are driving sales.

A quick comparison.


  • One Holistic Reporting Platform
  • Unbiased, All Click Attribution
  • De-Duped Conversions
  • Full Customer Journey
  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • Math-Based Optimizations


  • Multiple Spreadsheets
  • Biased, Probabilistic Attribution
  • Over-Counted Conversions 
  • Limited Network Insights
  • Single Channel Approach
  • Fuzzy Metrics

We do it all.
So you can, too.

In addition to our unique capabilities, technologies, and strategic advice, we also offer:

  • Paid Social
  • Programmatic
  • Connected TV
  • Creative Design
  • CRO + CRM
  • SEO
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Insights

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